The Last Note

It all started in the summer of 1922, a warm and tranquil evening. Azura and I were doing the regular, passing our notes in the tall and lush grass right under the stunning sunset. Her ocean eyes glistened in the dim sunset light as we traded our notes. I slowly tilted my head to look at her flawless skin until I noticed a bruise on her cheek.
“Are you ok, Azura?” I question her as I took a closer inspection of the bruise.
“Don’t tell me those mean girls have been picking on you again? I’ll- I’ll beat them up!”.
She handed me a note with a sheepish expression on her pale, lifeless face.
“I’m fine, Lucien. And don’t worry, those mean girls don’t pick on me anymore!” The note reads.
I shook it off as I realised it’s probably nothing. You see, Azura had always been mute. I’d always imagine what her voice would sound like. I feel like she would have one of those sweet little children sounds to her. It kinda fits her personality I guess. She looked at me with her jet black hair in front of her blue eyes. I brush her silky hair on her face to behind her ear and whisper,
“You’re perfect my gorgeous girl…”
She hands me a note while blushing that reads,
“I love you Luce, I hope you know that. I really don’t deserve you.”.
As the sun set into alluring shades of pink and orange, we decided it was time to head home. We both walked down the street to both of our houses, which were next to eachother, and waved to goodbye. I watched her walk inside her door just to make sure she was safe, just my extra safety precautions.
“You’re such a disappointment Azura, you’ll never be successful!” Her dad yelled furiously.
“You deserve nothing you little brat!” He screeched while beating her.
I could tell she was in pain, emotionally, physically and mentally. But I couldn’t do anything. I was just a lanky 15 year old boy, and her dad was a powerful business man who got whatever he wanted. No one would ever listen to me if I said something. Now you see, when her father didn’t get what he wanted, he would do anything for it, and I mean anything. When his daughter wasn’t the perfect little girl, he would make her life miserable. It’s rumoured that while his wife was giving birth to Azura, she passed away, and he had never loved any woman again. This was all 15 years ago, so I’m not very sure what really went down, but I can tell you one thing. And that one thing is that he despises his daughter. The things he would do to her were cruel, and this went on for 7 years of her life. But little did I know that on the night of the 7th of June, 1924, heaven would gain an angel.