The Absence Of Happiness

Once there was a boy named Happy. He lived in a shabby yet cozy cottage, about one kilometre away from the nearest town. The cottage was almost hidden completely due to the towering trees that leaned over it.

Happy was in his room snuggled up in his sky blue blanket. Even though he wore a thick blood red.
hoodie with two pairs of pants, he was freezing. Happy despite his name was not so happy for he only had a father. His mother died when he was very young, ever since his father had turned in a malicious man whose callous comments, which were usually directed toward Happy, could be heard all the way in town.

Happy was also lonely. He had no friends. He was constantly bullied at school, mostly for being whipped by his father and for being poor.

Sometimes Happy had sudden urges to end it all. End the bullying, end the comments and end the depression.

After a heated battle with his father Happy slammed the door behind him and limped to school. His father had whipped him on the left hand and on the right leg. Blood gushed out and pain swallowed Happy’s leg. But Happy was used to it.

Happy finally reached school and released a huge sigh of relief as he sat down on his chair. To his right was someone who he never saw before. A girl. She featured midnight black hair which was tied back in a ponytail.

After school had ended Happy was heading to his locker when three tall teenagers surrounded him. They reminded Happy of when he stood next to the towering trees that surrounded his house. “Nice cut Happy looks ugly, wait you're always ugly”, said a lanky teen whose cap was turned backwards. Everyone that was near them laughed tauntingly.

Tears formed in Happy’s eyes, he rubbed them away embarrassed. Another teen stepped forward. “Ohhhh Happy’s not so happy”, the teen teased. Another fit of laughter surrounded Happy. The third teen caught Happy by his hair, threw his books to the floor and ripped out some pages.

Happy had enough. He was going to end it today. The bullying, the comments and the depression.

Happy tried to lean down to pick up his books but his leg gave way and he fell on his face. Happy sat up groaning. Then an unbelievable thing happened. A girl stepped out of the crowd who was spectating him. She bent down and picked up Happy’s books and handed it to him. “Poor thing, look at your leg”, she exclaimed, “Here I’ll help you to your locker.

She helped him to walk all the way to his locker and out of the school doors. “What’s your name?” questioned Happy. “Eve. Yours?”, Eve responded. “Mine’s Happy”.

“Well see you tomorrow”, said Eve, “Bye”. “Bye” said Happy.

On the way home Happy forgot completely about him ending it all. He felt something, a warm feeling. It was happiness.