One day Kyle as working on a secret project. 1 week later Kyle finished the secret project. “Phew” says Kyle as he packs away his tools.
“Hey champion” shouts Mr Hank (AKA Kyle’s dad). “Yes” replies Kyle. “What are you doing?” says Mr Hank. “Hey dad there’s nothing here.” Says Kyle as he tries to hide the Robo-mech (AKA the secret project). “Nice robot” mumbles Mr Hank. “wait, you know?” says Kyle in shock. “Yes I do know” says Mr Hank.
5 years from when Mr Hank found out about Robo-mech, who is a crime fighting sensation and who just got drafted to World War III.
4 years from that sadly Robo-mech was BLOWN up! In the war. “but he was amazing” says Sgt Cole.
After the war Kyle held a funeral for Robo-mech. Now Kyle is building ROBO-MECH.
Kyle- Kyle is a young boy who loves to build robots especially Robo-mech.
Mr Hank- Mr Hank is a 40 year old dad who loves to spy on his son when he builds stuff.
Sgt Cole- Sgt Cole is a strict leader of the military.