The Most Unfortunate Day Of Lucy's Life

Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

Lucy sat comfortably at her desk. On the table was her homework, a sharpener and her big sister's pink fluffy diary covered in hearts and glitter. She sat reading her favourite book- 'The Life of Porky Pig'. As Lucy read, the time ticked on until- "Lucy! Time for horse riding!". Great. Lucy hadn't even got dressed yet. She hurriedly forced a t-shirt over her head, pulled on tight pants and socks. She checked her closet for her boots; but only found one of them. Lucy grabbed the shoe, raced down the stairs and found the other in her dog’s jaws. She ran around the house to retrieve it, then raced to the car.
Lucy arrived early for horse ridding. The unfit instructor's belly bulged over his belt. The instructor, Mr Do, made no sign he knew she had entered the room and munched away on his triple beef and bacon burger. When he finally noticed Lucy, he checked his watch and grunted, "Early. Go get a horse and set it up or whatever," spraying burger all over Lucy. She removed a saddle and bridle then walked out of the cabin.
Once everybody had arrived, they set off. At first, just doing small jumps that gradually got larger. On the last jump, Lucy's horse hit the pole. It fell to the arena floor. Lucy shot to the ground and skidded in the dirt. Moaning in pain, she tried to get up but a stab of white hot pain shot through her left leg. The class sprinted towards her with Mr Do - puffing and wheezing up the back. One of them called an ambulance as Lucy examined the grazes and her twisted leg.
The doctor shook his head after playing around with medical instruments and examining x-rays, "Oh dear, your bone has been snapped in two, like a stick!" He explained with a heavy accent, snatching a pencil and snapping into two pieces.
"Will I be able to ride?" Lucy asked hopefully. The doctor waved his stubby finger at her.
"Oh. No, no, no. No more sport!" He said glaring at her. "You must have a cast for four months! And no running." He handed her a list of things she wouldn't be allowed to do, that included horse riding.
On the way home, Lucy's mum told her that it would be ok.
"Maybe you could try table tennis. That's not on the list is it?" She suggested unhelpfully. They passed her horse riding club on the way home and Lucy longed to be there, riding horses. She thought about the long months ahead and dreaded them.
When they arrived home, Lucy hobbled up the stairs, threw herself on the bed and stared at her favourite horse poster. She reached over, grabbed the pink fluffy diary, and threw it out the window. She heard crashing and Lucy heard her dad yell - "YOUCH". She laid back on her bed and sighed. She couldn't wait until she could ride again.