Strangers To Sisters! - A Scottish Adventure

Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

Welcome to the world of two little mice and a rabbit – Tamsin, Carlie and Kate. All strangers and all living their own individual lives, in their own individual books. Get ready to read, because there are books within books!
Everyone needs a holiday every once in a while…even mice and rabbits. As lovely as their storybook lives were, Tamsin, Carlie and Kate all decided they wanted a change of scenery and that’s how they found themselves sitting together on an aeroplane to Edinburgh, Scotland. They swapped stories and talked and talked, and by the time they reached Edinburgh, they felt as if they’d known each other their whole lives. Imagine their surprise, and happiness, when all three of them gave the taxi driver the same address and discovered they were staying in the same hotel!
Over the next few days, they climbed the steep streets up to Edinburgh Castle, were awed by the gothic beauty of St Giles’ Cathedral, had a stroll around Princess Street Gardens and enjoyed a cup of tea and some traditional Scottish shortbread in a pretty little café on the Royal Mile.
Tamsin was a keen shopper and dragged them in and out of shops on Princess Street, while Carlie, an art lover, took them to the Scottish National Gallery. Finally, as a lover of fresh air and walking, Kate arranged a day trip to Arthur’s Seat, so they could all enjoy the beautiful view over Edinburgh.
Between the three of them, they enthusiastically discovered everything Edinburgh had to offer, knowing it was their chance to experience a life completely different to their own. Tamsin, Carlie and Kate went from strangers to sisters. They knew that they would return to their own individual lives in their own little books with beautiful memories.
After such a great week the girls decided that they should leave Edinburgh. At the airport Carlie announced that she had written a poem and wanted to read it to them.
“To my two best friends
I wish this visit would never end
You will always be a big hit in my heart
And thank you for helping me with my art
I hope you have a safe trip back
But don’t forget to pack
You guys are like sisters to me
So happy and healthy as can be
I love you both so much
Plus you have the magic touch!”
As they said their goodbyes they went back on the train and then went back to their own books, knowing that they had an outstanding trip and made a great friendship.