Jack And The Pack

Excellence Award in the 'Poetry & Short Story Writing Competition 2020' competition

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jack. He lived with his mother, father and his little sister Lily, in a small brown, wooden cottage. He loved playing in the great outdoors, drawing things he could see like birds, butterflies and many more beautiful things. One chilly evening Jack was playing outside when he heard his mother calling "Time for supper."
"A few more minutes." said Jack. But Jack lost track of time and walked off into the woods. It was creepy but Jack was a very brave boy and wasn't scared at all. Just then Jack realised he was lost. He walked in all different directions but every step he took got him even more lost!
He tried to think of something but all the things he thought of were useless! A minute later, Jack saw a shadow in the distance coming towards him. Was it a beast of the woods? Just then he heard it say "Hello boy, my name is King Furry of the White Wolves. What is your name?"
"Jack" said Jack. "I'm lost in the woods." King Furry started trotting away.
"Follow me," he said. A few minutes later they arrived at the wolves den, but Jack thought this was the end of him. Were the wolves going to munch on him? That was something he had to ask. So he asked "Are you guys going to east me?" But no, the wolves ate wild-berries. The wolves didn't like boy-meat. It was too bony for them.
The wolves agreed to help Jack find his way home. Jack and the wolves used the stars and moon as a map. They walked through the wood all night, but they still weren't home!
Also the wolves were starving because they hadn't crunched on anything the whole entire night! For two nights they kept on searching.
All of a sudden they came across the Great Tree of Nutty Squirrels. That meant they were getting closer to Jack's house. They also smelled the scent of delicious cheesy pizza. After two minutes they saw a light coming from a little brown cottage. Jack felt very happy to see his family again. Then as a thank you they invited the wolves for supper! They ate and laughed as they gobbled up all the warm, bubbly wild-berry pizza!