The Most Boring Day Of My Life

The most boring day of my life would have to be when it was "bring your children to work day". I am the oldest child in my family, so I had to go to work with my dad and I didn't have a phone or iPad.
My dad works in an office for 6 hours a day and there is NO PLAYGROUNDI So, I had to sit in his office and, what was even worse, was that there are no nice ladies at his work, like in the movies. There are only old grumpy ladies that aren't fun.
I had only been sitting in Dads office for 5 minuet's and it felt like 5 hours, but that didn't bother me because I started wondering what it would be like if my dad had a cool job like: a monster truck driver or a trampoline park worker….
Monster truck driver: I imagined myself standing in the stand yelling, "That is my dad I love you, Dad I That was the best feeling ever watching my dad flipping trucks and driving over cars. I couldn't think of anything better!
Trampoline park worker: I couldn't stop jumping on all the trampolines at the park, it was the greatest thing ever. There were so many trampolines it was fantastic! I played doge ball, climbed up walls and did many obstacle courses. As I jumped, I could feel my feet lifting off the woven elastic.
By the time I was finished imagining my dad with awesome jobs, it was time to go home. I was glad to go home, but I must admit I had lots of fun watching dad smash other cars and jumping on all the trampolines I could find. And if my dreams do come true one day, then I hope that every day is 'bring your kids to work day'.