Sonic The Hedgehog 2

When Tom gave me my third weekly routine, I said if I didn’t have to do it, I would get the fish and chips tonight. Tom agreed so I gave him $100.00 and he gave me a turn on the ps4. My favourite game is Chilldog Outlaws and my favourite character is Cordog, even though there are tonnes of characters. Cordog is the man character.
Today was now camp day. I was looking forward to a week of camping at Greenhill’s edge. Longclaw, my guardian, said I had to keep my power secret but that was when I was a baby… now things have changed and Eggman, the evil mastermind, won’t be back until Christmas so I have time… arrrggghhh maybe not!!!
Suddenly an aircraft that looked like a red jet flew across our camp and it looked like Eggman air. When we got to our spot, the aircraft had landed and little way away from us, so I didn’t worry about it and hopped out of the ute and there was an advertisement. The sign said there will be a race here at Sertoy camp tomorrow at 9:30am.. I was so going to get in that race!
On the day of the race, I was there at the start line against 3 kids. Tom was cheering from the crowd 3..2..1..go!!! I ran as fast as I could and before I could blink, I was first place at the end! I got a trophy.
After that I saw an orange fox at the bus stop. I went over there and it was Tails!!! He came over and I asked Tails, “How did you get here?” He said he got a ring and was searching the whole of Greenhill’s for me. Then Tom came over and said, “oh no not two!” Tails told Tom that he wasn’t a handful. Tom then said, “let’s get back to camp”.
When we got back, we went inside the tent and we played dino chase. After that, we watched TV and then we went to sleep. So, when we went to sleep I thought that I was in a room and it was dark and I heard strange voices…
A second later a zombie vampire came out and he threw a black crystal and a second later I was in a jet! The jet was red.
I then heard more strange voices and the next second, I was up in bed panting and I realised that I had experienced a nightmare! I ran out and it was morning. At the camp the next morning, Tails and I went over to the rocks and we saw a footprint. Then I realised that the footprint belonged to the zombie in my nightmare because it had a crystal print that was the exact same as the one in my nightmare. I told Tails that we should both run back to camp quickly.
To be continued.