The Creepy House

One night I called my friend Alex to come over for a play. I suggested we should go to the park. The park was super big, we didn't want to get lost in the dark. The park lights were not working properly so after a bit we decided to go for a walk.
We were talking so much that we weren't paying attention to where we were going. We had walked too far and we got lost. Alex and I ran everywhere to look for help. Then we spotted a creepy house. Alex said we should go and explore the house, I said no because I was a bit scared. Alex convinced me to come along, saying there is nothing to be scared of, the house just looks creepy because its dark. So, I followed him. As soon as we put our feet on the driveway, I felt a shiver. We went to the front door and two massive hands spread out the door trying to reach us. I ran but Alex was not as fast as me and the hands had a hold of him. I had to help Alex. I looked around on the front lawn for something to use to save Alex. All I could see in the dark was a hose. I ran back to the front door with the hose and started to whip the creepy hands with it. I freed Alex and the hands went back in the door. At the bottom of the driveway Alex and I were shaking, but now we wanted to see what was inside the house. We planned to get the hands to come back out so we could go in, but we did not want to get caught.
We made it inside and were investigating when all the sudden BANG. Alex had knocked something over and a light turned on. There was someone in the house. We had no idea who it was. We were hoping the light would turn off again. Looking around the room we saw a door. Opening it we found what looked like a secret room, we went in. There was a big curtain hanging in the room and behind it was a chest. Alex and I opened the chest, my eyes sparkled. There were heaps of diamonds, rings, and gems. Alex and I stared at each other. We shoved as many jewels as we could in our pockets then went upstairs to have a look. We had to be careful as this is where we thought the person may have been hiding as no one had come to catch us yet. As we climbed the stairs the person saw us. We ran but did not know where to hide. Our only option was to leave. We ran out the front door but for some reason the person did not chase us. We eventually made it home. I said to Alex that this was the craziest night ever.