I Still Believe

As I walk through my once nice place
I feel sweat as I run the race
I hear birds crying
While I hear people whining
I smell smoke in the air
The food I eat now is rotten
As life crumbles I make sure to look at my once nice place
We have lost our wildlife
But retrieved respect for the them
The government we believed did nothing
We wasted so much water on the fires and now while we are watering our gardens
We realise we forgot to say pardon and now the water is all finished
People sacrificed their lives for other people and animals
but they didn’t come out alive
We only talk to our family but what about the world around us
I may just be a ten year old girl like Greta Thunberg
but if I could I wouldn’t write on a page
Think to yourself are you really helping the environment
or is this just the climate change