To Get Better And Better

Mike woke up and pulled his silk blanket of and ran downstairs then waited for his mum to bake pancakes. He stuffed himself with yummy pancakes and rushed to soccer. It was his first day at school; he loves soccer and that is why he joined soccer team at school. At the first game, he played really badly; he never got one kick and always fell when trying to get the ball. After his first match playing against the other team, when it was break time Jake and his mean friends came over. They said to Mike “you’re so bad at soccer; you can’t even kick the ball”. “Haha” teased the mean kids.
Mike cried when he got home, he was really sad that he couldn’t play soccer well. Mike asked his dad to teach him some soccer, since he had played soccer before. Every day after school his dad would teach him to tackle, do tricks and dribble the ball. Since then he got better and better every day.
Six months passed and he played against the same team that he versed on his first day. He was now confident and thought he was going to win. During the game he scored the most goals and became the best player of the game! His team even won. He was never in his life teased again about soccer.