The Kid Who Had Bad Luck

So yeah I did have this life but who cares let's just hear what happened.
So it’s just started school I take a squishy but then the principal of course had to catch
me yes me and my friend joel got caught, later I got home i started playing games I
was losing to this enemy I kept on trying I start again I keep dying, I just did the
infinite amiibo glitch to get the cool armour but cause the amiibo has luck to drop that
of course it gave me bad luck, we went to an ice-cream then I was going mad cause we
were stuck in a traffic jam we were there for 5 minutes then my dad plays the worst
song in the world it was like that for 35 minutes, after when we got home instead of
watching the movie I started playing games then a few minutes later I went to sleep.
the next day cause it was saturday I started eating oats when I found a giant blob of
oats and milk I tried to chuck it in the bin but then mum showed up and forced me to
finish and I was so desperate to stop eating, but when I did finish instead of playing
video games I watched TV but just that moment my two little sisters woke up and
came downstairs whilst I was watching and because my sisters always want to annoy
me they had to start crying for the TV when I was mid way on my episode of phineas
and ferb they snached the control and changed it to this horrible barby thing, mum
didn't take the control of them but instead said that I've had enough time to watch but
I argued and as always I didn't get to watch, but of course my sisters had to hide the
control and ask mum to go to this specific park and because there are teenagers living
near it they laugh at me. so mum made us all go to the park I did sneak my nintendo
but when I started playing I didn't get to finish the cool level well not before mum
took my nintendo, and because I was just sitting there the teenagers came to have a
laugh well that was today but there's always tomorrow i said when we got home I
played nintendo yes!, I finally defeated the boss and then we went to sleep I woke up
thinking to play well which is what I did my mum had to step in and say it time to go
shopping we went to take my sisters to gymnastics then to aldi then they got to use
my dads phone I asked to use mum’s phone but she said no after all that stress dad
had to put youngblood for the 35 minutes, at home I heard my sisters what where they
up to this time.