Beep bounty accepted distance 150 kilometres expires in 24 hours. Ok I said to myself let's do this. Incoming message from boss: you are the last one to complete the mission.
"I have other troops but your our only hope: no pressure," I said to myself.
That was 1 year ago on my fist mission in case you don't know me, I'm Dalton and I'm in the army for Australia where I time travel to the future and try to make the world a better place.
It's not all fun and games though it is actually very complicated you have to do a lot of research and training just to get past the security and actually get to the future
But anyway back to the bounty it looks like he is a hacker trying to get into the system and ruin the world piece of cake I said and called a time bus to transport me to his
Ring ring ring, “hello yes, I need a ride please?
"Sure thing.”
Woosh “Uber for Dalton.”
“Yeah that’s me!”
“Come on in.”
“Thank you!” I said as we started the drive.
What in the world is that uh-oh it's a potential hack hack which is the biggest hacker of all time it's not just him it's his whole army I put location and call for backup I called the best of the best to help me.
When they came, they were in shock we grabbed our emergency fart guns just in case it ruins the hackers. We needed some kind distraction then I yelled out “HEY OVER HERE BIG POOPIE HEADS,” they looked over.
“YOU HEARD I SAID COME HERE YOU BIG POOPIE HEADS.” cap what was that I did not respond all I said was “FIRE BOOM BANG CRASH POOF” and the hackers fell down 1 by one until there was none left We did it and we hopefully saved the world from disaster and made it a better place.



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