Early Spring

As the night drifts by me with the only thing Illuminating the sky is the large glowing moon I lie down in the green-ish grass, as it sweeps around my feet I’m wide awake in these early spring nights.

The dewdrops of the day make songs on the old brown oak as the chimes fill the air, the earth is waking up rising as animals go to sleep wow this is going to be a wonderful early spring day.

As it slowly becomes colder and colder White frosted snowflakes drift slowly down and people rush by me wind Throwing their hair around taking a deep breath I smell dampness rain just as sure rain falls splattering on to the ground what would I give to just have a hot chocolate by a fire on this damp early spring day

Sitting next to the glowing hot red fire leaping around close to my feet warming in these cold nights still under the old oak but this time with the bright warm fire roaring toasting my feet
‘At least it's not raining’ i think sitting up in the crunchy grass on this early morn’

It's the middle of the day and my fires light has faded I pick myself up and jog into the wet forest due drop splattering around making music hitting leaves fireflies flitter into the air like fireworks as I walk deeper and deeper into this magical wood it feels like I’m going to another world I find animals dotted around this lovely wood wow this is early spring

Desalination is this how it feels I wake up on a dap patch of wet leaves animals are no were to be seen alone that’s how it feels

Walking around in the forest trees becoming closer together as the sun sets on this dimly light night walk trying to follow footsteps to the old oak tho no one is about the spectacle around me changing every step and still finding no way out this is devastating on this freezing spring night

As the season of spring changes
I find it harder to find the old oak

I guess you’ve read this far haven’t you Mia why are here
you won the war now I’m cast out looking for the oak crystal said to look for from all her research I have half her drawings but still to little to know what she wants

Why me? Bye the time you read this I’ll be dead yup life so hard I hate it and it’s either by my hand or there’s I don’t know what right now but if you found this in my pocket check the other one it should have her papers in as well as a location to crystals general area
Keep an eye about where you go

And do you know what Alana said when I told her what you did Mia do you? Cause I told her I told her everything how you left me how you rushed passed me and left me there you had a chance to let me live but no.

No this spring night as rain starts to slip through the leaves of the old oak I start drowning in tears I am not normally emotional but sometimes I just cry until I drown in slaty tears it makes me feel better in some way

Sometimes I sounded about things weird and wonderful things like riding the train home in the late summer heat back to the old shack where I find my family wondering where I am but... that can never happen for the train hasn’t run in at least 10 years and the shack has been torn to shambles shamelessly by the people trying to hunt me it’s like a game of cat and mouse yet no one wins this game I will be dead and you will be banned no matter Mia find the letter find it and run get the crystals and find a better place to hide then i did

Thank you goodbye.



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