Harry’s Adventurous Plan

Under the deep ocean lived two best friend’s sea turtles named Harry and Drake. Harry has always been the naughty sea turtle and Drake is the sensible and smart one. One day, Harry thought of going on an adventure with Drake. When Harry told Drake about his adventurous plan, Drake thought it was a bad idea.
Drake had to listen to him because Harry was insisting a lot. The next morning, they both packed their backpacks and set off to the other side of the deep ocean. Harry was very excited to explore a new place, but Drake was scared the whole time. When they reached there, it suddenly got dark. Harry took out his flashlight out of his backpack and used it to look around.
Drake suddenly saw a shadow passed behind them then he screamed, "Harry! there’s something behind us.”
Harry looked around then laughed at Drake, "Don’t be a scaredy cat, Drake!"
They both kept moving forward. All of a sudden, they both discovered a huge shipwreck. Harry got excited and wanted to go in, but Drake was afraid. As soon as they reached the top of the ship, a huge shark came towards them with its wide mouth open. Harry and Drake screamed and started swimming as fast as they could to save their life. They were able to save themselves and reached back home.
They were both huffing and puffing with fear. Harry felt ashamed with his dangerous plan and said "sorry" but promised never to go on a dangerous adventure again.


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