Dandelions in the wild, windy, weather,
With the strong breeze, they’re like the drop of a feather.
As each little petal floats away,
The air is filled with a charming shade of grey.
One by one, they drift apart,
Spreading far out, looking like a work of art!
Slowly but surely, they land in a nest,
Up in a tree, much higher than the rest.
With the miniature birds smiling down,
They see a glimpse of a horrible frown.
The frown of the sun that was beginning to set,
A scene was occurring, the most beautiful one yet.
It begins to get dark with the trees now asleep,
The day is coming to an end, to a certain complete.
The dandelions in the past have now disappeared,
When a new day appears, the negativity will be cleared.
The night is gone as the sun rises,
The unpredictable day awaits with a list of surprises.
Dandelions in the wild, windy, weather,
The cycle is repeating, and things are getting better.


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