Fairy Love

There is a magical land, high up in the sky,
You will never find a more beautiful place, although you could certainly try.
There are castles galore, floating rivers that glimmer and the most amazing cherry blossoms,
Animals roam free, every fairy is at peace, and they all delight in the flying possums.
But all is not well in this special land, there is one little glitch,
An evil fairy lurks in disguise...she is actually a witch.
The sky-high fairies are afraid of her, and worry what she may do,
They have heard her whispers and they have seen her spying on them too.
Now the animals and fairy folk have devised their own clever plan,
They will trap her and teach her how important it is to feel like you're part of a clan.
Maybe she just feels lonely after all this isolation,
The fairies decide to include her in their annual celebration.
The evil witch enjoys this kindness and feels the fairy love,
Now they live in happiness in their magical land up above.


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