Halloween Night

On Halloween night, on the end of a street there was an old creepy abandoned house. All the kids say that it is haunted and on Halloween night it is active, the most especially at 12:00 am to 1:00, the haunting hour. No one knows what happened that night but at 12:00 to 1:00 am there were brutal screams and the police were too late and there was a family of 7 dead on the ground. A father, mother and 5 children come from that house. As soon as it reached 1:00 their bodies disappeared without a trace.
Then one day a girl named Claire said to her friends, “Hay Cleo and Nikki, let’s have a sleepover but we will be doing this in that creepy house. We will each tell our parents that will be going over to any of our house then we will go and set up and bring a blow up mattress.” And that’s what they did. They got there and Claire said, “We will set up in the master bedroom.” I heard Cleo and Nikki both set up with Claire.
Cleo said, “I will cook dinner.” In the mean while Claire and Nikki said, “We should clean up the house but stay out of the basement.” Then the girls heard one of the kitty flaps open and close. There was a kitty close to death. They gave it food and water and made it all better. Claire said. “I will take you home with me.” And then this muscular voice said, “No!” The girls grabbed the cat and started cleaning up the house.
Surprisingly the electricity was still working they. Turned on the fire and sat by it because it was cold. “It is not that scary here, it is kinda nice.” Cleo started to make dinner and said that they were having curry. After a while she yelled out, “Dinner is ready!” They sat down, put on a movie, ate dinner, ate snacks, popcorn and drinks then the lights started to flicker. Then all the lights turned off and this voice said, “Get out of my house!”
They were so scared that they run up the stairs to bed. In the morning they went home and Claire took the cat home. She said, “I found a cat and I brought him home.” The next day they went to school and told all their friends about it.


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