Karla And The Liger

Crackle Crackle!! Goes the lightning drip drop!! Goes the rain.
Our world used to be beautiful; it was once such a peaceful land with no wars and no separation. It was a perfect life.Our land was called kignarlo. But that was sadly 700 years ago when the liger’s were here. Ligers were like special animals that helped us with food, shelter and water.But the world broke years later

When I came into the story I was 11 years old daughter of the chief of peace, peace was where dringie the might liger saved the world 700 years ago from the evil Dangos They made you turn into ice cubes which wasn't good when they touch you they were like big fires that were blue they were very evil. They showed no mercy in turning people into ice. So back to me yes I was pretty young when it all happened, My Father put me on a test on fighting him and to try and get the liger stone but I wasn't actually gonna take it so it all happened he said all I had to do was put at least a toe or finger on the rock that it floated on. Guess what I ended getting my toe on it without him noticing and he was very proud of me. Then he said you will now be a guardian of the Mighty Dringe’s stone and finally I was what i always dreamed for a guardian something I've been training for, for a long time.

Then my dad invited all of the other states of kignarlo over so we can be kignarlo again but it didn't go so well, One of the little/cities contents called Dang and there everyone's biggest enemy because not only they broke the world but they are very strong and amazing fighters. They petrade everyone and broke the liger gem and now the world is broken and now I have to save the world and almost everyone turned to stone but sadly, my dad was one of those people he saved and threw me into the lake and that is all my fault.

So I’ve gone around to get all stones and I've gotten four of them and they were very easy but now I everyone's worst enemy dang that will be top guard top fighting and top everything but I have a plan, were gonna give a gift to the queen and ask her for the gem and guess what she said yes and it happened she gave the gem put them together and finally the mighty liger dringey came back and put the world together and then my father was back and everyone agreed to bring kingarlo back and we all went to our homes everyone who was stone came back to real life.


And they lived happily ever after.



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