Sally The Frog

In the lush green paddock two frogs start their adventures. Beautiful pink and white flowers shine in the paddock. Two frogs are wandering around and bump into each other. "Hi what's your name?" says Sally. "Hey, I'm Bob. What are you doing out here?" "I come here every afternoon to find the most beautiful flower there is." "Hey, me too. How would you like to go and pick flowers together?" “Sounds great,” Sally said, and they wander off into the horizon. They wander around searching for the best flower in the paddock. "Hey Sally, why do you love finding flowers?" "Well Bob I love the smell of beautiful fresh flowers, why do you Bob?" "Well Sally I love dashing off into the horizon searching for the most wonderful looking flower, strolling around smelling the wonderful scent!"
"Hey Bob, how would you like to be friends and every afternoon we can go for wonderful walks together to search for the most wonderful luscious flower in the paddock?"
"Yes that sounds wonderful Sally. I would love to go out with you every evening to search for the best flower in the paddock."
The next morning Bob hopped away from home, "What are you doing?" says Sally.
“Nothing much I'm just picking some flowers for you.” Explained Bob.
“WHAT IS THAT?!” Sally screamed as she pointed into the woods. “Where did it go?” She exclaimed.
“Let's go see where it went” Bob replied. So they set themselves free to go look for this thing but they could not find it wherever they went.
They saw the thing again the next day. "Group meeting," announced Sally. "Okay Bob, Amy, Jeff and Jessica are you guys listening to me?” ”Yeah” yells the other four frogs in the discovery gang. “Wait, was it a bunny?” Jeff questioned. “NO, it was a… drumroll please… a Monkey! He was just here to find some bananas, so I gave him some. Now you can go back to what you were doing earlier today. Wait guys we can still try to make up more discoveries that can make us a true discovery gang like in that mystery. We just need to keep getting the small clues." Sally said as she tried to bring back the mystery hunts again to bring the gang back together. Bob, Amy, Jeff and Jessica turn their backs to happily say, "We're in!"
And they lived the rest of the lives as a mystery.
The End


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