Lacey Bigroar And The Undersea Adventure

It was a stormy day. Libby and Roxie were knitting a pillow for Libby’s kitten, Tabby. Then Roxie noticed footprints on the carpet.
“Look!” She said. “Are those Tabby’s footprints?”
Libby stared at the footprints. “They are much bigger than Tabby’s paws.” Said Libby thoughtfully.
A golden cat appeared from under the couch. It was Goldie! Goldie purred happily and ran to the Friendship Tree. She put a paw on the tree’s trunk and it shimmered with magic. Two words appeared. Libby and Roxie read the words aloud.
“Friendship Forest.”
A door with a reindeer-shaped handle appeared in the trunk. Libby opened the door and they walked inside.
Goldie looked worried. “Hello, girls.” She said. “Grizelda has stolen a flower from the Bigroar lion family. As soon as she got it, the petals fell off and are hidden in the forest.”
The girls followed Goldie through the forest to the Bigroar’s house, a little wooden cottage with a tiny playground, two types of vegetables growing in the garden and a small library at the back. A little girl lion cub came out of the front door.
“Hi, I’m Lacey.” She said shyly.
Five minutes later they had begun searching for the 25 magic petals. First they searched the garden, then they searched among the tree roots, last they searched in long grass in the orchard and finally found a magic petal. They put the petal in a pink snow dome and searched for the second petal but undersea.
“Oh no!” Cried Lacey suddenly. She pointed a paw to the left. There, a group of trolls were swimming, looking around. One of the trolls suddenly spotted the girls.
“Look!” He yelled. “It’s those nasty girls!” The trolls swam away quickly.
The girls didn’t care so they continued searching, behind coral and between rocks. The girls, Goldie and Lacey swam in the sea for hours and hours and found a sapphire blue petal. A kind turtle called Stella Shinyshell gave them a seaweed bag to put the petal in. She also told them she had seen an orange petal among the rocks in the Coral Forest next to the Crystal Cave.
Goldie, Lacey and the girls swam to the Coral Forest and found a bright orange petal between two rocks. Libby, who was carrying the seaweed bag put the shiny petal in. Then Roxie spotted a treasure box and behind it was 22 magic petals, all the colours of the rainbow. Together, they picked up all the petals and put them in the seaweed bag Stella had given them.
They swam to the surface and took off the magical helmets they had been wearing. When the girls, Goldie and Lacey got back to the Bigroar’s wooden cottage, they opened the seaweed bag and the petals dropped into the snow dome and turned into a colourful flower. After having dinner with the Bigroars, the girls went home and carried on knitting.

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