Standing there, motionless, wind blowing through my hair like a fan pushing its breath against me. All I could feel was the long, green grass between my fingertips and at last I felt peace. “Come on!” A soft voice called from behind me, I turn around, no one is there, it is just a long, large landscape of soft blues and greens. “Come on!” The voice calls again. A heavy gust of wind blows over me as I fall to my knees, I close my eyes as I sink, opening them again I find myself somewhere else. I’m not in a field filled with long grass but on a cold sidewalk outside the bus stop. “Come on!” The voice calls for the third time and I feel my feet pull me on the bus.
After a long journey home I crash on the old couch in the center of my lounge room. “What a day!” I murmur under my breath, finally standing straight after a slight daze and slowly shuffle over to my desk. Sitting down, I realise I haven’t got any work done and before I know I close my eyes, rest my head, and fall asleep. Startled by an alarming sound, bouncing out of my seat, the sound like faint police sirens increasing every second. Many voices fill my head and I start feeling overwhelmed. Screaming silently, I grab my scalp and find myself in a small black room with nothing but a desk and a chair, just like the one at home and everything turns silent once again, I yell “let me out!” and “why me!?” But no answer, just the echo from my words. I see colours and everything slowly fades away. I am in my lounge room once again. The visions are getting worse.
Getting out of the house was a lot harder than yesterday, as I grab my dull coat and my hard leather bag the rain starts to pour harder than ever. The heavy door creaks as I use the last of my strength to push it open and I race to the bus stop. I was nearly there when my journey was cut short. Getting loaded into a long car, I close my eyes. Terrified and anxious, wondering where I’m going. I fiddle with my hair. The car screeches to a halt, I lurch forward. The men that once shoved me in the car, forcefully took me out. I wailed and screamed, not knowing what to do or where to go and after many steps in darkness, I felt freezing air directed on my back as the guards took off the scraggy cloth that once covered my eyes. “Where am I?” and “Who are you!?” I try to make sounds but I’m empty and hopeless. As I slowly stretch open my eyes large signs fill my sight. The first time seeing bright lights caught me off guard as I realised where I was. I am lost, with no-one to hold me, petrified.


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