"FAITH WE'RE LEAVING!" Faith's mom yelled. "COMING!" Faith said, grabbing her bag. It’s her first day of 8th grade at a new school. She got in the car and clicked on her seat belt. She was nervous. "What if I don't make any friends?"

"Don't be silly, of course, you'll make friends!" Faith's mom said as they arrived. "Have a great day, I'll pick you up at 3:30."

Faith hurried into the school with her sketchbook clutched in her arms. In her first class, she was seated with a girl with blonde hair and freckles. "Hi, I'm Ashley, you must be new?" Faith nodded. "I'm Faith."

"Good morning class," the teacher said. “We have a new student. Would you like to introduce yourself?" Faith shook her head. "In this class, we’ll be learning about NASA, and today we’re learning about the International Space Station." Faith's head shot up. “I want everyone to make a poster about astronauts and what they do.”

Faith is creative with a BIG imagination and draws pictures of her dream career, an astronaut. Everyone worked on their posters and talked, while Faith and Ashley concentrated on their drawing and researching.

Within 2 weeks, she and Ashley became close friends. Faith gained more confidence and worked hard in school. She did more research and made more friends.

She wants to become the youngest astronaut to go to space. She tells her mom about a training opportunity at NASA, her mom is uncertain but eventually agrees. It meant that she would miss a lot of school, but it’s worth it.

When she got there and saw her room she was ecstatic as they were designed just like the ones in spaceships. It was WAY more comfortable than she thought it would be. After she unpacked, she sketched everything she'd seen so far. She fell asleep after drawing all night. She woke up to a big BANG and felt a horrible pain in her legs. She looked down and saw a big metal pole smashing her legs. Faith heard sirens, then blacked out.

She woke up in hospital with casts covering both legs. Faith was in shock but her mom calmed her down. She took a deep breath and focused on getting better.

"Don't worry, they got your sketchbook," Mom said.

"Thank God."

Faith learned to walk again and continued to pursue her dreams. When she was better, she restarted her training. She still had a limp, but it didn’t matter. She continued to see Ashley and they went to the park every day to work on homework.

Soon she turns 18 and will be going to space. All her training paid off, she didn't mind that she wasn't the youngest to ever go to space, she was just happy her dream came true. That shy girl achieved her dreams of going to the international space station. She is well known for her famous quote: "Don't give up on your dreams, you can accomplish anything, have FAITH in you."

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