Halloween Alive

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Rocky. Halloween was right around the corner and Rocky was very excited. But poor Rocky had no costume to wear to "Trick or Treating". But luckily Rocky saw a shop with lots of cool and creepy costumes. So Rocky bought a wizard costume and went home happy, that he had a costume. When it was finally Halloween, Rocky was very excited to wear his new costume. So he quickly put it on and went to "Trick or Treating". When it was finally time to go back home,Rocky realised that the person who was selling the costumes was a witch, and put a spell on it. Suddenly everything began to become real. Then a coffin door opened with a loud, but slow creak. Creaaaaaaakkk. A vampire was asleep. Or so everyone thought. "I vant to suck ya blood." it said. "Ahhh!!!",screamed everyone nearby. Luckily Rocky saw a car and told his freinds to get into it so they could go into the cornmaze. Rocky and his friends had lost the vampire and were safe for now. One of Rocky's friends, Zack had reminded that if all the other things were real then that means the costume that Rocky had bought must have magic powers. It was up to Rocky and his friends to save halloween. Rocky and his friends got out of the cornmaze went into the village to save halloween.When they arrived Rocky used the powers and saved halloween. "HORRAY" everyone shouted. Rocky was very pleased about his actions today.Rocky also was happy today because he got to go in the Cornmaze,World of Doom and Trick or Treating.


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