Once upon a time there was a dragon named Lars and he is 8 years old and he is so brave. But a scary creepy Dragon eating monster arrived in the forest and that is where Lars lived. Lars was so scared a dragon eating monster is going to eat all of the dragons and Lars was one of them. So Lars needs a solution to survive. So one day Lars was watching news and the news explained about the valley full of magic flowers and the magic dust is inside the magic flowers. The magic dust is for sprinkling on things to teleport them back where they came from. Lars thought for a second and he said I could use it on the monster so Lars went to the valley and got the dust from the magic flowers and came back to sprinkle it all over the monster and after he sprinkled it all over the monster the monster teleported back where he came from and Lars became king for saving the dragons but there was a owner of the magic flowers and he was Mr. Fox and he said oh no I have lost one of my magic flowers and he saw Dragon foot prints and noticed that it is from Lars and said I will get that young man. One day Lars was going for a walk Mr. Fox saw him and was running to get him so Lars realised when he took a magic flower from his valley and Lars started to apologise to Mr. Fox and then he stopped running after him. Lars said I took the magic flower so I could save my dragon crew from the monster and now I became king for saving them. Mr. Fox accepted Lars and Lars lived happily ever after.

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