A Better Place

“Wake up, North,” I whispered, “wake up.”
My favourite part of the day is when I see her opening her brown eyes, smiling at me. It feels me with joy to see her smile. “Good morning, dad.” She whispers back.
“Wake up Gizzmo and come downstairs. I have a surprize for you.” I told her.
Her eyes filled with joy and excitement as she picked Gizzmo up and ran downstairs curious about the surprise. That’s when she remembered it’s her birthday. She spotted two tickets to her favourite show and got even more excited. I invited all her friends and bought the best cake I could. I wanted this day to be her favourite day this year. I wanted to distract her from thinking about her mother. It breaks my heart when she thinks about her.

The next day, we were driving to North’s favourite show, and I could see my daughter at the back hugging Gizzmo in excitement. “I can’t wait, I’m so excited.” She kept telling me.
She suddenly went quiet. “North, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing, it’s just… I wish mom was still here.” She replied.
I turned around and saw a tear falling down her cheek. I could tell that she really missed her.
“Your mother is in a better place, but she can always hear us. One day we might even meet her again and stay with her forever.” I said
She wiped her tears and had a smile on her face again. I look back on the road and was shocked to see a massive truck headed our way. I didn’t know what to do, I had a second to react, but it was to late… I passed out.

I heard a lot of noise around. They were panicking. Am I in heaven? Am I in hell? It was hard to tell; I couldn’t open my eyes no matter how many times tried.

I finally woke up to see myself put on a hospital bed. The doctor told me that my injuries were easy to treat, but I didn’t care. All I can think about is North. Where is she? I must see her.
“Where is my daughter?” I asked in panic “Take me to her now!”
“Put him on a wheel chair.” The doctor ordered the nurse.
The nurse took me to a different room where my daughter was. It’s painful seeing her that way. She was in pain. It’s all my fault, I did this to her. I grabbed her hand knowing it’s the last time, that’s when she opened her eyes. I didn’t want to see my only daughter pass away in front of my eyes. I still remember her last words…
“don’t worry, dad. I’m going to mom. I’m going to see her again and stay with her forever. I’m going to miss you but remember that I can still hear you just like you said. I’m going to a better pla-”


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