Fade, Yet Never Grow

A sunburnt country,
The withered and crisp breeze.
The koalas gasping for air among the gumtrees, the smoldered oxygen I breathe.
The Aussie true blue pride, helping each other at heart.
Tree branches falter, while we falter It’s about time we take our part.

The rippled sound of flames that spark,
Insects trapped down below,
Burnt leaf litter scattered with debris,
My home fades, yet never grows
Scurrying ants emerging from the chalky bark.
Looking for refuge in a safe haven
The endangered, dying creatures, for they will soon all be gone.
All of our land’s bush features, already dead before dawn.
We are the bushfire country, The withered and crisp breeze,
With no more koalas in the gumtrees, It will all stand alone.


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