Another gunshot booms in my ear. Trees light up. Ashes everywhere. The sound of trees fall around me. I keep walking trying to get to safety. More gun shots pierce my ear. Nellies feet hurt from walking so far on sticks and burnt branches. I feel worried because all I can see is burnt debris. I feel hopeless. The air is filled with smoke.
Nellie has never seen anything like it. Her trunk blows in the wind. Life had always been amazing for Nellie. She considers herself a lucky one.
In the distance Nellie can see an animal lying down, sad. She wants to go help. She rushes over. “What’s your name?” asks Nellie. “Bobby” He replied with a sad voice. Bobby gets on Nellies back and they keep walking.
Crackling fire surrounds them. It is very rocky, and Bobby nearly falls off. The fire creeps up next to them. Nellie rushes forward jumping and dodging the fire. Bobby slips trying to get back up but then falls. More fire roars, creeping up behind them. “Watch out!” Nellie yells. Bobby jumps and races over. Nellies heart races a mile a minute worried if he will make it. Bobby gets up on Nellies back, his tail burnt. Pain shoots up Bobby’s tail. Nellie runs from the fire starting to move towards us. Seeing lots of animals on the ground with fire surrounding them.
Out of nowhere an old Lady with dark Brown hair approaches us. “I am taking you home we need to get out of this place, to safety.” She says with a calm voice. Nellie and Bobby smile at there soon to be rescuer. A man picks up Bobby and puts a bandage on his tail.
Soon enough we get led to a beautiful house. Bobby could not believe his eyes. It was great. They were safe from anything and could make lots of new friend. Nellie heard that some animals were in a huge flood and were but luckily got saved. Now they were here, and their lives are wonderful. Nellie is so excited for what would come soon.
Bobby could smell the delicious food for lunch. It had been days since he had eaten. They ran out to play with the other animals.
Together they were looking forward to calling this place home.
By Stella

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