Larry And Geremy’s Big Adventure

One sunny day there was a Llama named Larry and there was also a German Shepherd named Geremy they loved each other so much because they had known each other since they were little they thought they were family until one day they suddenly got into a fight about who was the fluffiest animal Larry said “I am the fluffiest because I am the biggest.” Declared Larry “but it is me because I have the longest fur ever” they couldn’t figure it out so they just walked away from each other. The next day when Larry and Geremy were walking to school they bumped into each other. Geremy felt bad so he said “ I don’t want to be fighting with you but we need to work this out. Larry was silent for a moment but then he said “fine” so Geremy was very happy and said “ok I have a way to figure this out but you need to agree with me on this” “fine” exclaimed Larry “ok so how about instead of one of us being the fluffiest and just fighting about it how about we can both be the fluffiest animals in the whole entire animal kingdom” but before Larry could answer they felt a big gust of wind it was from Harold the Horse running past them Then when Harry the Horse was gone Larry answered Geremy’s question “ no I want to be the fluffiest animal in the whole entire universe with you” YAY so they ran off together and they were the fluffiest animals in the universe together not fighting.

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