Larry And Geremy

Everyday Larry the llama and Geremy the German Shepherd meet up at school and they play with each other until sadly the bell went. So they went to their class and they saw that their favourite substitute teacher was teaching their class today, Larry looked at Geremy and said “yay! We have Miss Rose the rabbit she is such a nice teacher” they happily run into class and sit down next to each other.
Miss Rose told the whole class that if they were good she would give them each a lolly at the end of the day, so when class started everyone was on their best behaviour so they would get a lolly.
2 hours have pasted and now its lunch time, Larry asked Geremy what he had for lunch Geremy answered “I have a dog treat and a meat sandwich what do you have” he replied “I have freshly grown green grass and it is delicious” soon it was time to go back to class so they lined up and Miss Rose came and took us back up the stairs to get back to the class and then… bang! "Owwww" Larry screeched. Geremy ran down to see what happened to Larry but then Geremy tripped over someone’s foot and fell down the stairs like Larry did, and they both screamed help, Miss Rose shoved her way down to see what happened and got Harry the horse to go get the school nurse and then the school nurse ran to assist the emergency and she called the ambulance and they quickly came to them and took them to hospital.
They found out they both had a broken leg and so they had to have surgery to fix their legs and when they woke up Larry whispered “Geremy” Geremy opened his eyes slowly and said “Larry are you ok?” Larry replied “I think so” they both fell back asleep and woke back up at 1pm and their mums were watching them and waiting for them to wake up, and finally they woke up and so after they had an early dinner they had to try out the crutches they both passed the crutches test so they could go home. It was about a week and then they went back to school and seen each other for the first time, they were so exited until they found out that they had to talk to the principal about what happened they found out that a kid called Callum the cow knocked them over and made them fall and once they found out that he pushed them over Callum got suspended and Larry and Geremy forgave him.

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