Ode to lauren

Through out the times when it seems I'm not there,
You must believe me in how much i care.
We may have had a little trouble,
There may have been people who have tried to burst our bubble.
But there will never be a time when i say Lauren Who?
There will never be a time when i stop loving you.

Suckie, is what you may be thinking now,
Then again you may be thinking why or how?
How? I don't really know,
It's just something that comes to you when we're feeling low.
Why? I guess it's quiet simple,
I guess you could say it's as rare as an identical dimple.
It's friendship, a very good on in fact,
No way this is all part of an act.

We're bestfriends, and i know that title will stay,
Because, I promise to care for you forever and a day.