Halloween Catastrophe

The light of dawn flowed into Tim’s room, as he rubbed his sleepy somnolent eyes. He woke up to the cry of his mother, “Breakfast is ready!”
He carelessly chucked on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, before sliding down the spiral staircase to see the delicious blueberry pancakes laid out on the kitchen top.
He was devouring the fluffy pancakes but a sound outside distracted him. It was Tim's best companion Max. “Hey Tim! Are you excited for Halloween this evening?”
“I sure am,” exclaimed Tim. “Let’s go check which costumes we should wear.”
The two best friends dashed through the door, put on their matching helmets, like twins and cycled towards the biggest costume store in the city. It was costume heaven with endless choices and colours to choose from. Tim tried on so many costumes, but there was one that stood out from the crowd. Covering this mannequin in the centre of the store was a cloak as black as coal which Tim desired. The costume came with sharp fangs. Max adored this big and dark green face mask with stitches across the forehead. It was safe to say Tim and Max were all prepared for the long awaited event tonight.
The evening sun cast colossal shadows down onto the ground. Tim and Max strolled down the street taking some lollies and dumping them into their bucket. The sun lowered down until it was no longer visible.
Tim and Max encountered a decayed and deserted house. The paint was flaking off the timber as spiders danced in front of the shattered windows. The bats circled around the house continuously like guard dogs. Max was excited in a way but Tim’s heart raced, they crouched up to the front door. Creaks and squeals coming from the haunted house echoed in their ears giving them chills down their spines. The rooms were as dark as a thousand year old cave. The room smelt like an abandoned shoe factory, and the floors were littered with cigarette butts.
“BAP!” Fear paralysed Tim. Max disappeared in the dust. Unpleasant sweat beads descended down Tim’s face, wetting his cape before making a puddle on the floor. His hands were as sticky and clammy as if they were soaked in honey. Panic surged through Tim, he knew that Max would save him so he mustered up the courage to find Max. The crashing and rumbling noises became more intense.
Tim carefully tiptoed across the creaky timber floors searching for Max until he heard unexpected giggles coming from the attic. Max burst out with laughter and eventually Tim joined in. Tim noticed it was all a prank.
The night ended with Tim and Max snuggled up in their beds with hot chocolates and endless amounts of lollies. This was certainly a Halloween to remember!


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