Hallam Island

One day there was a family called the Smiles family. They lived on an island and they had a basement with a boiler in it. If it was on for too long, it would burn the house down. They are called Seth, Clair and Mathew. They lived on the island with their dad. His wife and son died because of a boat that sunk on them. They have 2 dogs.
One night Seth was sleeping in his bedroom. Then he woke up with sweat dripping from his forehead. He needed the bathroom, so he crept to the light in his bedroom and walked to the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and saw a shadow. He looked at it as if it was his sister or brothers or dad. The next minute the toilet fell with Seth on it! He fell into the ocean.
After about 1 hour he washed up on shore. He woke up and sat on the sand and said, “I’ll never see my family again!” Then an old man called Lachlan, he was part of the Military and he put his arm on Seth and said, “Don’t worry I’ll bring you back home!” “Who are you?” “I am your dad’s friend Lachlan, oh you’re damn right.” “Yup that’s right! Oh, sick that boat looks amazing!” “I know it’s a military boat.” “Wow I’ve never seen one like it!” Then they used the boat to get home.
“I haven’t seen this place in years!” Said Lachlan. “Yeah, it’s my home.” “RUN!” Said Robert. “Get out the house!” “What is going on Dan I don’t know? Is it the boiler? Oh no! Dan, you need to get out of here!” “Ok but what about you guys I can’t leave you here!” “Fine we will come with you on your boat.” They all climbed on one by one with all the stuff they needed. The boat had one little bit of fire on it but it was all right for now. 1 hour later Lachlan found out that the fire from the boiler is on the boat. Clair was on the bottom floor of the boat then she saw the fire, so she ran to Dan and told him “Dan lower the other boats just in case.” It spreads in the boat. Mathew saw the flames too it was getting worse! So, they climbed on the inflatable boats.
Their boats washed up on shore. Then they got off the boats. They booked a hotel for some days to live in. Seth thought the hotel was a little bit strange for a hotel room. Seth went to the sink to get a drink of water he said, “Where is the sink?” He went and asked Mathew he said “I don’t know? Do we have one?” “No, I don’t think so. So that explains why there is a giant sewer under us sound like a good idea Seth.” “Well, I’ll do it.” Seth walked out of the hotel room and walked down the steps and down the underground.
He saw Lachlan hanging up on a wall! He ran to him and said, “Are you ok?” Lachlan couldn’t talk because he was controlled by a giant monster. Then he saw Mathew, Robert and Clair hanging up on the wall. Then he got teleported to a big stadium with a giant monster! It put its hand near him then tried to crush him! He ran around the stadium like he didn’t know where to go! The monster’s hand got close to him and nearly crushed him but he jumped just in time. He found a massive sword and then threw it at him and it died! Then all of his family members were out! And they went back to the hotel.
The End


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