Kat The Kid

Kat was an ordinary kid. She liked to jump on the trampoline and play soccer. But her favourite thing to do is play with her best friend Tom. Tom is not like Kat, they are very different from each other, but they are still best friends. Tom liked to play basketball and rugby league. Some people say that girls cannot be friends with boys, but they are wrong. Tom’s parents are very rich and let him get anything that he wants, like toys or desks but it must be below $2000 which is a lot of money to some people. But not to Tom’s parents. But Kat’s parents only have a little bit of money. So, she can have something that is below $10. But she does not mind. Every morning Tom comes over to Kat’s place to have a play before school. When they arrived at school that morning, they saw a new kid, her name was Layla, and she was very lonely, so they offered her to be friends with them. Layla was very grateful and had good times with Tom and Kat. The next day Layla met up with her new friends and asked if they wanted to come over. “We would have to ask our parents first Layla”, said Tom unsurely. “That’s okay”, said Layla with her fingers crossed hoping they could come. But their mums said no. They said, “We don’t know her parents yet, and we don’t know where they live”. Tom and Kat were sad. Tom said goodbye to Kat, and Tom left. Kat was crying all night and did not get one little bit of sleep. The next morning Kat had to stay home because she did not get enough sleep. Tom and Layla were upset and did not do anything without Kat. The teacher was not happy that they weren’t doing their work, but she felt sad for them somehow. Everyone was dismissed and the children ran out to play except Tom and Layla, all they did was walk around the playground and chat about how they wish Kat were here. After school Tom and Layla went to Kat’s house to check on her and see what was wrong with Kat. So, Kat told the whole story and they understood. So, Kat got a good night sleep the next night and went to school the next morning. That afternoon they all had a playdate at Layla’s house, and her house was cool. That afternoon the friends had a very good time and they promised to go to school every day (except if they were sick) and get a good night sleep.
The End


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