Early Times

“Hey! Get back here!” I sprint towards my home yanking the door open; my grandmother sat shocked and confused as I…

Clean t-shirts and small petticoats shoved into a portable suitcase. sleeping beauty resting in her fluffy mattress and blanket overload. Mother’s miniature car filled with suitcases of many sizes. Gallons of water. Annoying children that are going to ask if we are there yet on the trip while Helen, the youngest of the children, is left to take care of the elders.

Pills and liquid in bottles called “vaccines” are stored up high in the supermarket as my grandma coughs and whines for help. The employees don’t notice her, I sprint to the door while it creaks open excited to see what my grandmother has bought.

She was empty-handed.

Tying up my stiff, grotty shoelaces and heading for the market. The lifeless looking employees stare at the unsupervised child creeping in trying to look normal. Cold glass bottle touching my delicate, soft hands, stuffing it into a leathery knapsack that is old and ripped.

Her feet walking at the same pace, fast but not too fast, they will notice her suspicious look and cover ups. Feeling a slight touch on her shoulder she checks and glances at the tall elderly woman with a disappointed look on her face. She snatches the bottle out of my bag and slowly shakes it to make sure it was the right thing. Ear ringing noises gives everyone chills, silky, navy fabric worn on two tall men, Arms surround me forcefully grasping me.

What is going on…?



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