Harry The Hashbrown

Harry opened his eyes. “Another day in this cold, soggy freezer,” he thought. 30 days he had been waiting for someone to buy him.

To keep himself entertained he had to play with the other hash browns. But as soon as he had made friends with them, a hand reached in and picked them up. He was on his own again. So, he had to make another friend. But this was hard for Harry. Many people did not like him because of many reasons. The main reason was he took his jokes too far. So, he decided to think about other things to do on his own. He thought for a second, “Wait. What happened to the hash browns that were taken out of the freezer?” But the only way he could find out was by going there himself. The thing was that no one would buy him.

So, he thought why can't I just escape when the freezer door is open? Then suddenly the door opened, this was his chance to escape!

He slid down to the front of the freezer, climbed over the little wall and he escaped! He realized now he had to escape a bigger cage called, “The Shops”. He ran over to the front door to wait for a human to enter or exit. But then he thought “Wait. What would happen if I was spotted?” He decided not to find out. But then he thought about what he would do in the outside world. "I could go and explore and find an old shack to live in. Yes, that is exactly what I will do," he thought.

That is when the door opened. Harry slipped out the crack and escaped. He ran until he arrived at an alley. The was an abandoned cubby that looked like it was in decent shape. He decided to live there. The only thing he was worried about was the Garbo finding him. So, he grabbed a blanket for a cover if the Garbo came while he was there.

Something else he was looking for was a friend, so he didn’t feel lonely. So, he decided to go out on an adventure to find a friend. He decided to go in the other direction that he came from. He wandered for a couple of minutes before seeing lots of cars zooming at high speed.
"Surely, I’ll find a friend here," thought Harry. He wandered around for hours on end, when he decided to walk down to the crossing to cross the road. After waiting two minutes the person flashed green. He crossed the road and made it to the other side just in time for the red person to come on. Then suddenly he felt himself rising into the air. That’s when he realised he was being lifted by a hand. He was upside down. After he was carried for 20 minutes he was put onto a plate. Then he was eaten!


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