Lake Ville

Lake Ville

Screeches from outside Emily’s window fill the night. She walks over to her window sill, tears back the white linen curtain and takes a peep. She sees a strange sight. The screeches continue, Emily watches. A man in a black hoodie and cap drags a boy in a grey shirt across the concrete like a heavy sack. The boy continues screeching. Emily can tell the man is not the boy’s dad. The man looks up. Seeing Emily, he pegs a massive stone at her window. In shock, Emily ducks down to the ground, her heart beating as fast as a race car. Emily slowly picks herself up and looks out the window again. Strangely, the man is gone.

Emily rushes down the narrow staircase, swipes the phone off the old coffee table and dials her mum’s number. The phone makes glitchy sounds and then she hears laughter. It sounds like a little boy. Emily looks up and sees a scary sight - the same boy from outside is standing there with her mother’s phone. Except he doesn’t look real - he is sort of see through! Emily’s mouth drops.

The boy grabs chalk out of his jeans pocket. He begins to write on the wall. The boy writes follow me. He gestures for Emily to follow. Emily jumps back like a cat when it first realises there’s a cucumber right next to it. Half of her is saying go on Emily what can a little boy do, he’s only a ghost! The other half says go on Emily follow the strange ghost - it’s guaranteed death!

“Come on!” the boy cries. Emily follows. The boy opens the front door and holds it for Emily. “Thanks” Emily says. “Follow me!” the boy says. And with that he starts running. “Hey! Wait up!” Emily yells. She starts to run, trying her hardest to keep up. The boy runs like a cheetah (meanwhile Emily runs like a 100-year-old sloth, and feels it).

The boy points around the dark corner. The man is dragging the boys lifeless body along a bloody path that stretches for about three metres. Suddenly the man turns around and spots the two. “What do you think you’re doing out here this late?” the man says, nearing his way towards them. Emily wants to scream but nothing comes out. She wants to run and run and run but her feet won’t move. “I said what are you doing out here so late?!” the man yells. He reaches into his pocket and grabs a knife.

I wish I could say that Emily got away, but this is not one of those stories and I must tell the truth. The man grabbed Emily and stabbed her twice. She went to the ground without a sound. Her lifeless body was never found. But some say, that on a quiet night in Lake Ville, you can hear the boy and girl whispering to each other.

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