The Stone Protector

A cold breeze swept through the open window of Amelia’s bedroom waking her from a deep sleep. Looking out her window she noticed something odd. Pulling her blanket with her, she crept into the living room and out onto the balcony. Amelia had just shut the door behind her when she noticed multiple stone like statues had appeared on the ground below her. Her heart beat quickened as each stone puzzle piece was slowly lifting into the air to form one giant stone creature. It stood up abruptly and looked around, nearly spotting Amelia, however she quickly ducked down avoiding its beady eyes. The stoney creature took one step...then another and within seconds it had already walked down the nearby alley way to the open city. Amelia bravely snuck back through the door and into the living room careful not to wake her parents. She was determined to chase after this giant walking stone and to find out what it was up to. After more then 100 stairs Amelia had reached the ground, looking around, the creature was no-where to be seen, instead she heard a loud BOOM nearby. Running towards the frightening sound, she arrived, to see the the stone creature locked in battle with what looked like a giant griffin, both fiercely defending themselves, the stone creature seemed to be winning the fight. The griffin had a look of darkness and hatred in its eyes as it fought, while the stone creature had a look of warmth and security showing Amelia it was that of a friend not a foe. After what felt like an eternity (five minutes) the griffin had surrendered and was flying off into the distance...
Amelia quickly walked home and within seconds was asleep in her bed knowing the city was safe as long as the stone protector was there to win the battles against evil. The city slept peacefully that night and all the nights that followed.

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