Demon Chase

A dark gloomy shadow washed over me, as my footsteps hit the paved floor with a small thud. My lip trembled, and my breath came in coarse gasps. Panting with desperation, I swerved to a corner and skidded towards a dead end. When would this beast stop chasing me? I didn’t know. But what I did know was that I had to get out of here before things got out of control. A swirling sensation tugged at my gut, and a lurching grasp or what felt like a magnet pulled me in … to the wall.
My fear was beyond comparison, but I willed myself not to scream, I couldn’t afford to attract anything else that could possibly destroy me. Theoretically speaking I was doomed whether I liked it or not, but I had to stay positive. Reliability was something I never took into consideration until now. My whole life weighed on my shoulders – no one was here to make sure I am alive; it was up to me to make the right decision. But how could you make the right decision when you being tugged into a wall by an invisible force.
Just breath I told myself. There is enough time for breathing child, I am one made of air, invisible to many life forces, though I carry a high voltage of life deeper and stronger than any mortal known to human race!
A deep chill coursed through the tendrils of my inner spine causing a deep shiver to vibrate against my body. The voice echoed in my head like deep booming thuds through a dark bottomless pit. The voice spoke again, but this time, his voice was more subtle – though not being defined as gentle.
That dark formidable demon chasing after the inner depths and purity of your fine soul. Yes, your soul is of off high conquest. I can sense the desperation you seek to claim but I can only go so far. Remember that each night I will give you a clue in order to gather justice upon yourself. It will be a hard journey; I have no doubt about that, but this demon will not rest until he has what he desires. With your fine looks and strong aura of power he would slay any man that comes in his way so you can become ‘his queen’.
The words were now embedded into my head.
Yes, yes let those words sink in child, but we have no time to lose, and your time is almost up, but remember this, your golden eyes have a part of their own. Alas, I must give you your first clue, use it well my dear and make do of what I have given you.
Fear struck me as to know that they had a past of their own. *****
I woke with a jolt, to have relief wash over me when a blue gem was waded into the palms over my hand, and the truth washed over me.

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