There Is No Planet B

“CRASH!” I suddenly hear yet another tree being cut down by the destructive machines that are bulldozers. I watch in fear as the tree’s roots get pulled out from the soil which once kept this beautiful being alive. Inevitably collapsing on its side where it is cut up into log sized pieces by a chainsaw, taken away where it will never see the light of day again. “Man when will humans ever realise just how much they are mistreating their only home?” I ponder as the lights of the big city glow before my eyes. The combination of petrol and smoke inflame the cilia in my nostrils, and let me say, it is not at all pleasant.
“Hey Martin! Over here!” My friend is just across the road from me. He has dark blonde hair and cyan eyes. To be honest I don’t even know if that’s common. Today Roger’s wearing a beige t-shirt with a long white coat. Almost like a lab coat. His black jeans blend in too. However, his stance, somehow sets a signal in my brain that things are not what they seemed.
“Yo Roger! How’s the research on Mars coming along?”
“Yeah going great actually. I got a notification earlier today that a rover had been sent there to find any signs of other species. So far it hasn’t got anything.”
“You still believe there are other species out there?” Roger has always believed there are other species in the universe. Heck he hasn’t stopped searching since 2011! It’s as though he doesn’t like Earth anymore, and at this point, I can tell something is going on.
“I wonder if we can live on Mars-I mean see other species!” Roger fakes a smile in an attempt to lighten the mood. But I’m not having it. Not now.
“Why would we want to live on another planet? We would only destroy it just like we are doing now to Earth.”
“I never said that. You must be hearing things.”
“Just like you said that you can’t stand living on this “waste dump” last time. Roger, we had an agreement.”
“Look Martin, Earth is doomed. I’m doing everyone a favour by finding us a new home. All the animals that are going extinct, all the ice caps that are melting, and don’t even get me started on all of those trees. Especially the ones in the Amazon.”
A memory suddenly sparks in my mind about that single tree I saw earlier today. It was so helpless, and there was nothing it could do to prevent it’s death. It fell. Landing with a ‘CRUSH’ on the once rich soil. Now I have this proposed supporter here who not only is taking Earth for granted, but breaking our code of conduct we made up all of those years ago. I could not feel more heart broken.
“You little liar!” I snap back at him.
“We had an agreement, and you just broke our friendship!”
I swivel on my heels and walk away. Turning back at Roger who looks like he has regretted everything he has done.

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