Minecraft Mystery

Jack gripped the controller tightly. The Ender Dragon, hardest boss in Minecraft, dived across the screen. This was it. He could finish Minecraft. Suddenly, he began to float. The controller fell to the ground. The screen sucked him into the game. Unfortunately, he spawned over the void and plummeted like a rocket coming down to earth. He felt a sudden pain and with that he respawned . . . in the Over world. ‘Noooo’ he shouted. But he could not hear it but could see it in the chat!
‘Baaa!’. A small sheep walked up to Jack, he knew to hit the sheep to death and the miniscule mammal dropped a lamb chop and most importantly, a wool block. That was when Jack realized he needed a home. A little hut or a ginormous mansion would do, but either way a home is very much needed. ‘Uuuuuurrrrrrgggghhhh’a zombie appeared, he needed to work fast! He began to strip mine for dirt. Fortunately, he ended up with a stack and built a little shack with windows, which no hostile mob could fit through. How could this go wrong?
The zombies and skeletons surrounded the house trying to barge through the door. Spiders crawled up the walls, too idiotic to climb in through the windows. While Jack fell into a deep sleep, the sun rose and the monsters started to burn. Zombies burn like the skeletons, dashing to the nearest shade. Spiders became neutral and walked down to the forest. Jack woke up and went to find some wood. He regretted not finding wood the day before. HSSSS! Jack knew that sound came from a creeper, a hostile mob that explodes! Like always, Jack had a crazy idea. He led the creeper to a bunch of obsidian and placed some gravel and iron. This was a crazy idea, but Jack was fearless. The plan worked perfectly!
The creeper dropped diamond armour, weapons and blew up the obsidian, gravel and iron. He was set for the nether, one of the most deadly places in Minecraft.
Jack built the portal and burned it making the portal spark. Cautiously, he placed his foot in the obsidian arch. Heat coursed through it. Dashing through the portal, he glared at the horizon. This place was a hellhole! Wither skeletons tiptoed through big bridges and tunnels in the sky. Blazes, a fire mob, and ghasts, a ghost-like mob, glided across the Nether. piglins and hoglins snorting at each other and rumbling coming from a deep cave.
Jack found a small piglin, it gazed at him. Jack unwittingly hit it and before he knew it all the mobs in the vast nether were on his tail. Piglins gripped on to ghasts, while blazes flew down solo. The only thing the mobs avoided was the spooky cave. He closed his eyes and dived in, slowly opening them he realised he was back in his own room, however he was not alone, the Ender Dragon ambushed him. Jack was in serious trouble!


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