The Secret Civilisation

‘Na na na na,’ screamed Jo cheekily as she sprinted past bushes and trees. Her buddy, Terry pulled funny faces at her while in hot pursuit. As she ran she noticed something up ahead on the ground. She stopped in her tracks with fear because there was a huge striped snake right in front of her. She turned around and started racing back. Terry tagged her but she could not have cared less for their game of tag right now. Jo carelessly ran through the mob of partiers pushing them aside. She was traumatise. She had never come close to a real snake and she was even scared of them when they were in an enclosure.

As she wandered around in the pitch black darkness she didn't notice a small hole in the ground just the right size for an 11 year old girl to fit through. She fell for three metres.
She landed on a small trampoline like thing, it smelled disgusting and of rotting animals.
When she looked up she saw a large tunnel that seemed to be unsupported. There wasn't even a wood plank stopping the ceiling from falling down and collapsing on top of her. She slowly ventured through the tunnel cautiously and quietly. She started to hear voices getting louder with each step they were clearly having an argument, but Joe couldn't make out any words.

In a couple of minutes she came to a corner. Around the corner there were five strange looking creatures. They had large heads with fly-like eyes and orange scaled skin with many details. As soon as she got a good enough look at them to satisfy her she was off in a flash. Even with her cautiousness the creatures still noticed her, as they were running towards her they were yelling at each other obnoxiously. “Who left the trapdoor open?” steamed the largest male in a deep voice. Jo had no idea where she was going all she was thinking was “run”. The creatures were gaining on her fast. Her blood was pumping fast, veins were showing, her heart was beating harder than it ever had. Then suddenly she found herself on the ground with an extremely painful leg. When the strange creatures caught up to her they didn't hurt her.

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