In Deep Blue Skies

Sweat dripping down my face, I walked towards the boat. I felt cold and anxious. “What if a shark attacks the boat or the engine blows up?” I thought to myself. Nothing made sense to me right now, so I continued walking. As I made my way toward the front of the large piece of metal, the boat driver, Ed, started up the 50 kilowatt engine and I felt myself trip and get right back up again.

A few minutes later we were out at sea, still moving along of course. Seriously fast Ed stopped the boat and l went flying out. Thank god the engine wasn’t on or that’d have been it for me. I hit the surface of water, water of which I’d never been in. Ed reached down to grab my hand but something had grip of my leg and was pulling me down. It was then I realised it had pulled me underwater. Whatever it was it had weird-shaped arms like, “Tentacles! That’s it!”. I’d been under the surface of the water for about two minutes until I figured out, I was breathing. Good news is that paramedics were heading my way, bad news was that a hungry shark was also, and the thing was that, umm… sharks are faster than humans when it comes to swimming. The other thing was this shark was extremely fat. It was as if all its prey must have turned into sushi when it wanted to eat and it didn’t have to try too hard to earn a meal. “Who will win?” I thought and it was at that exact moment the shark won and decide to gobble me up without biting. I went flying through the shark’s body and in two seconds flat I was out! But umm… I came out in an embarrassing way that I’m not gonna say. Problem was the paramedics already saw it. “Gulp!” By the time the paramedics got to me the shark was long gone and eating stuff then shooting it out the way I got shot out.

The paramedics brought me back up to shore and gave me CPR which I didn’t stop because the lady performing it was pretty. After two minutes I stood up and almost made the paramedics faint of shock. “What did I do?” I asked. It was then I thought they must’ve thought I was dead. “Ohhh right…” I ran across the sandy shore to get back to mum, mostly because the paramedics declared me their sworn enemy and wanted to kill me. I got back to mum and lived “happily ever after” in the hotel until mum took me to a pub that night (which I wasn’t supposed to go to) and all the men got into a bar fight including my Dad. I may have had something to do with it, but that’s a story for another time. The end, sort of.

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