When It Wasn’t Me

It was a normal day just like yesterday, and just like yesterday’s yesterday, yeah, I thought as I went to bed. I still wished I was like her… I wished I was like Mia…
When I woke up I felt different. I couldn’t hear my siblings Marcus and Leslie fighting. I smelt different food being cooked. I felt different covers on my bed, but most of all… I could see! I haven’t seen my whole life. I’ve been blind since I was a baby! I took a moment to look around then realised: this was not my house. My house had handles to hold onto to feel my way around, and a balcony, and two storeys. This house had one floor and no hallways. I went in the kitchen and saw Mum, who sounded different. “Oh Mia you’re up early.” “Mum you know I’m Delilah.”
Well I got what I wished for, “I AM Mia… I don’t know how”, I was thinking while walking to school, The walk was filled with beautiful blossoming flowers, and crunchy leaves. I finally arrived and took a moment to appreciate the look of everything, then walked in. I sat down in my class. Reading really wasn’t fun because Mr Adam, my teacher, didn’t believe my story when I explained I was Delilah, really. I couldn’t read the alphabet. I could only read Braille, of course.
I didn’t do much at lunch, just sat and looked around. Me and Mia aren’t friends, she always mocks me by saying “I want to be like you.” I have a terrible life why would someone want to be like me?! I’m blind, I wished I was like her!
I realised when sitting alone as Mia that she really doesn’t have the great life I’d envied. She didn’t have any friends other than me. I looked and saw she only had only one sandwich for lunch which is weird.
After Science I thought if I’m in Mia’s body who’s in mine? Probably Mia. I looked for myself and could only find me because my Mum had described what I looked like to me. I saw me hanging out with my friends. So I asked Mia is that you, I mean, me, I mean Delilah? “No.” whoever it was said. “Then who are you?” I replied.
“I am the Witch of Wishes, I granted your wish and now you must accept it”.
So that’s how it was. I lived as Mia I really wanted to go back but I couldn’t… I asked for this.
“And that was the story of Mia and Delilah any questions?”, I addressed my class during story time.
“Is it real?”, asked my friend, Mia.
The End.


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