Down By The Hill

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Note 2021' competition

Whilst I stare at the giant grass hill we have just conquered; the pulsing rush of adrenaline continues to stream through my veins.
“That was sick!” Says Elijah in his usual loud energetic tone.
“Yeah, that was pretty fun.” I reply thrillingly.
“Well, I need to pee.” Says Elijah.
“Same.” I respond.
I place my bike down onto the wet grass, and I walk over to a tree opposite to Elijah. As I finish zipping my jeans back up, I notice a small opening comprised of dirt and dead grass leading down to a quiet forest. Curiously, I step closer while staring down into the strange hidden woods.
“What do you reckon is down there?” I ask.
“Let’s find out!” Of course, Elijah would say that.
I follow as he runs towards the opening and slowly creeps down the hill of dirt. After him I amble down but, on my hands, and legs with my belly sticking out. Like some kind of gymnastic trick. Elijah laughs at me as I get up and brush the dirt off my hands. A fresh scent of the nature around me fills my nostrils as I take in the dark environment of old trees and dry bushes. We walk across a gentle stream of water, polluted with dead leaves, fallen branches, and mud.
At that moment, I spot a mattress. Like the grimy ones you find on the side of the road outside people’s houses. Hesitantly, I approach the mattress with caution, Elijah by my side. The mattress is in an area distant from the rest of the forest, surrounded by more dead bushes. Instantly, my heart drops. A pool of blood is stained into the mattress, but it isn’t the brown colour it turns once it dries up. No. This was fresh, scarlet red blood. By the mattress there are large footprints resembling a boot.
My body is entirely frozen. I can hear Elijah’s loud continuous breathing as I identify a metal bracelet submerged in the dusky mud. I look to Elijah to see sweat dripping down his forehead and his body shaking, but his mouth is closed. He’s not the one breathing. A piercing surge of fear makes every hair on my body stand up on edge as I realise someone else is here with us.
“Elijah, we’ve got to go” I say in a quiet whisper.
Without hesitation we both make a run for the opening. Sprinting the fastest I ever have before, we are quickly back. Elijah swiftly crawls up the opening and I follow right behind him. As I grab the strands of dead grass pulling myself up, I can hear leaves rustling behind me accompanied by loud footsteps. Struggling to make my way up, the wet mud causes me to slip, and both my legs come off the small hill. “C’mon!” Screams Elijah from outside the forest. I regain control and manage to pull myself up again. Suddenly, I feel a cold hand grab my leg.

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