The Horrific Future

Beep Beep! AS I heard the alarm ring I remembered something, I HAD WORK! I checked the time and I was late! . I swiftly got up and put on my white wickedly stained coat and rushed to my car. I tried to turn on my car but It wouldn’t turn on. I felt my heart beating as fast as machine I prayed it would turn on but it didn’t unfortunately. I called all my buddies at work but no one answered they all didn’t have signal I was panicking. Then I got a message from my boss saying” Come in ten minutes or I’m firing you! shouted boss.

I ran faster then a cheetah towards my work, my heart felt like someone was stabbing me.I was panting heavily as I walked into the lab, My eyes flew wide open’ my legs felt like to twigs as they were shaking my teeth were clattering. I couldn’t believe what I saw, Everything was shaking, glass was shattering everywhere tables were getting sucked into this dimensional portal.
“Ahhh” I screamed as I got sucked into the portal, “WHATS HAPPENING” I screamed. “ What happened” I mumbled.

I looked around me and there were collapsing buildings everywhere,The streets were empty until there was one civilian on the street I thought he needed help so I lightly tapped him on the shoulder he slowly turned around I could believe what I saw, My heart was raising at the speed of light,”ahhh” I screamed, I thought I was going to die until a man in a car shot the zombie multiple times in the head.
“come in kid” Miles said
I looked at him and stepped back.
“ why aren’t you getting in” said Miles” I don’t trust you , you almost shot me 100 times”.
“ Come on kid Or ill let you rot from these zombies ! Shouted Miles
I was speechless So I went in and he took me to some sort of shelter.
“What’s your name “ He asked
“My names is Miles surname is Ali” I mumbled
“ What’s your name” I asked
He told me with a slight confusion Miles Ali,
“Hmm” kid how did you get here” Said Miles
“I don’t know” I replied.
“Tell me the truth!”He yelled
“OK ill tell you I was going to my lab and when I walked in a random portal came and sucked me and I entered here,You might not believe me” I mumbled.

He glanced at me and. Said oh kid I do believe you.
“ Kid tell me exactly where that lab is” Said Miles
“ I think it’s destroyed” I mumbled
“ kid all the labs in this area is underground they should be safe” Miles said
We went to the lab and nothing was happening, I had a fear something bad was going to happen.
We waited for over one 1 hour we were about leave and give up until the lab started shaking the portal came and sucked me in but this time I got stuck in the portal,To this day I’ve been stuck.

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