The Cycle Of Life

The cycle of life if fascinating especially when when you get to experience it. Think about it, everything we are surrounded by is alive! From our fellow people to the trees, flowers, animals and insects etc we have everywhere. We experience life and growth every moment of the day.

People die but the memory of them will never go away. You might think they’re gone but they’re not because what lives on is the memories that will stay forevermore in your heart.

The cycle of life is extraordinary to watch for example for us humans we start with our birth, the growing up, learning to drive, getting married, having kids, watching them grow and have their children before we die and our memories live on in them. It’s all fascinating.

The best part about it is we all get to go through it all together. No matter what hard challenges we face we ARE part of the cycle of life and we will continue to stay strong together if only we reach our out hands for support.

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