Uelam And The Dragon

Splurge! She tried to take a gasp of air but all that filled her lungs was salty ocean water. She was running out of air and the water was pulling her down through the water like a torpedo, getting further away from the surface. Her head was starting to feel dizzy and blank. She was going to drown. She knew it. Slowly, she started to let her lids close over her eyes and let the water take over her.

She woke up panting, gasping for air in the middle of a large wooden boat. She was very confused. She remembered that she had been drowning. But if she had drowned then she couldn’t still be alive. But then if she wasn't still alive then there was such a thing as the after world. Slowly, she started to get up but a piercing pain hit her as if a sharp sword was slicing into her, cutting her up tiny little pieces. As she lowered herself back down, blood started to drain out of her body. She started to feel a bit happier, all the pain and injuries meant that she was not in some sort of after world.

There were footsteps all around her, she couldn’t recall them coming towards her so she decided that she had dozed off for a few hours. Something smooth and scaly brushed against the curve of her ear, it sent a cool reassuring shiver down her body. The small scaly figure ran down the side of her body. It was yuama, her tiny dragon.

One of the men stepped forward out of the ring of people around her. She recognized this man as he was one of the people that she had grown up with out at sea. She propped herself up into a more comfortable position as the man began to talk. “I’m glad you’re alive, Captain.” Another man from the ring mumbled “yeah.” Which did not sound very truthful, but she quickly dragged herself away from her chain of thoughts for the man began to talk again. “The tiny dragon saved you from drowning” he said, shooting a look at the tiny dragon as if it was something that didn't belong. The ring suddenly broke away as a little, old, plump woman came hurrying towards her shouting “Out of my way! Out of my way!” The plump nurse knelt beside Uelam and replaced her bandages.

After the sun had long gone down and the moon was high in the sky Uelam was carried off to have her supper in the dining cabin.


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