Based on a true story – By Aaliyah Phung

Lightning struck upon the sea. Forced to migrate to an unknown country.
The fear while clenching onto a taffrail, not knowing if I’ll survive another night at sea.
I was mixing ocean water and flour to survive. Thousands of lives were lost.

Vietnam was my home. I was a well-respected, wealthy Vietnamese successor.
I owned an established restaurant and had everything I’d ever wanted.
Portrayed a king, until everything was taken from me in the war.

My wife and children flung overboard at sea during refuge.
I felt defeated. I was left with nothing. My heart was broken.
The ship docked at Israel and I had a new chance at life in Televiv.

One foot in front of the other, trusting that there’s a purpose behind my challenges.
Working long hours as a chef, a pretty waitress caught my eye.
I put a ring on her finger. My heart was reunified.

Happiness struck me. I was a father again.
Life was improving, but war tragically followed me
I took the opportunity to migrate to Australia, to give me and my family a better future.

I’m now a happy and grateful 72-year-old, with grandchildren to carry on my name.
Proud of what I can conquer. No matter how many times I’ve fallen, I’ve only gotten stronger.

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