His Work Of Art

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Note 2021' competition

The creator sat at his workbench. Many wonderful masterpieces lay waiting patiently, ready to be delivered down to earth. Children of the creator, who were all made carefully in his perfect image. Tiny whispers of the world, just waking up to breathe their first breath. Joyful faces greeting them, cradling them like priceless jewels. But no love of theirs could ever compare to that of their creator.
He worked hard, creating every little feature unique. All of his creations were special and he loved them equally, each was perfect in his eyes. He had just finished Indigo (Indie) Liana Miller, daughter of Jasmin and Kyle Miller, sister of Lachlan and Hugo. He wrote her name in the Book of Life.
When all was good, he placed Indie aside. Using only his bare hands, he started to form another. Slowly the body obtained arms and legs. Miniscule fingers and toes too, all unique and exquisite. He gave his new creation a heart, personality, and soul. Then taking his golden ink pen, he wrote her precious story in the Book of Life.
Subsequently he filled in her features. Hazel-green eyes, warm golden skin, long wavy, golden-brown hair. Like all the others, he made her inimitable.
Once he was satisfied, he turned through the silvery pages of names, eyes searching for the right ones. Once found, he wrote it down. Harper Kennedy Miller, twin sister to Indie. He envisioned the journey of life ahead of them, and saw in their tiny person, all they could become. The sisters were quite alike. From their sun-baked skin and golden-brown hair to their friendly and sporty personalities. He knew they would be best friends, and the thought of this delighted him.
But he wasn’t quite finished with the Millers. There was one more. 3 years younger than the twins. As the creator formed her delicate body, he gave her a personality, heart and soul. Angelina Rosalie Miller would have long wavy golden-brown hair like her sisters, sparkling olive green eyes and light-golden skin. She would be the funniest and craziest of the sisters. He imagined the glorious warm afternoons the sisters would spend together, lying on the sweet green grass under the large willow tree, sharing secrets and laughing loudly as gold, pink and orange rays streaked the midsummer sky.
He sighed contentedly. This was his job, and he loved it. His gentle gaze wandered down to the Miller family’s large modern house. Peering down at the garden, he saw two aureate-skinned boys with lightly golden brown hair, frolicking in the last glimpses of sunlight. Their bright young faces were lit up with laughter. Eyes sparkling, they tumbled through the soft grass. A light wind rippled past the older boy’s tousled hair, catching the younger’s curly locks. The two young boys sang songs about Him as they jumped up and down on the large trampoline. The creator leaned back and smiled, his eyes twinkling with delight. This was what he lived for.


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